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Spasms, soreness, sickness, strain.


Unsure of the steps I should take.


But such are never spoken.


Make up is business.

Camouflage the realness.

People expect you to be instantly better.

To be a hope champion.

Who call ‘pon a clarion.

People expect you to Keep Calm & Carry On.

Simultaneously psychotic and sane.

Agitated yet rational.

Oh please…

Steps lead me closer to pain.

Spasms, soreness, sickness, strain



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In the fullness of time I’ll meet you.

In the fullness of time I will.

Right now,

I’m still charting the waters.

Feels like I’m preparing for slaughter.

My matter is getting chiseled out,

The elements in time and space are at work.

You see, something in my past brought me here.

It will carry me further.


That’s not my time.

I speak not of the clocks on the wall.

Nothing on this side of eternity.

I speak of something deeper, things of spirit of soul.

That which stands in the way of my humanity.

Steps are there to be taken.

Lessons, count for nothing if not learned.

Pain and pressure mark the process.

Refined by the fire, not simply charred and burned.

My future, my present, my past.

Will converge at the same place at last.

In the fullness of time I’ll meet you.

In the fullness of time I will.

Looking for me

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I am looking for some release.

I am looking for peace.

I am looking to be at ease.

I am looking for me.

Still, what I find in the shadows.

I find pain and rainbows.

I find oddly paired thoughts.

Then my heart is everything but STILL.


I could settle and say I’m done.

I could raise a toast towards the sun.

There’s much that I could do but I won’t.

Because I am searching for me.


I’ve checked where I used to be.

I found nothing but dust and bugs.

Sitting at the front porch.

Embracing my odd thoughts.

Hoping I’ll come across ME.

Who’s fooling who?

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He calls her high maintenance,

He says she loves the flashy,

She calls herself forward thinking, an early adopter,

But they keep calling her trashy.

Now designer goods,  make up for a bad attitude.

Going everywhere they cant go.

Some broke but others pseudo-classy.

Step into her shoes.

Choose Jimmy Choo, no plushies.

Diamonds are now her best friends.

They don’t gossip but make her rather happy.

Her mind is on carats,

Their minds are on carrots.

Tell me, who’s fooling who?

Your treasure

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I wrote this for a special friend. (She knows who she is.)

No chariots of fire,

No bands, no choirs,

Someday your treasure will show.

No fine linen, no perfume,  no spices,

No silver, no gold, no devices,

No music shall play.

No trumpets shall sound.

Yet someday that treasure you’ll know.

A treasure so perfect,

Yet totally unscripted,

Coz the best part is that our good Lord knows.

He sees and He hears you,

Has good plans towards you,

In His mirror your face has that glow.


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Winds of joy.
Winds of change.
Signs that things wont be the same.
Candlelight not cursing the darkness.
Meaningful pathways to gladness.

We hold on to hope.
We hold fast and tight.


The sea may be rough.
Waves tumble…
Winds blow…

Winds of joy.
Winds of change.
Signs that things wont be the same.

Up to you

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Listen here : (I’ve since deleted my SoundCloud a/c)

I’ve found myself in places,

Many different situations,

Never found myself so true.

I’ve found myself in trials,

Different colours of denial,

Then I found myself in you.


Coming from a place of red innocence,

Place where my speech is a handle for delinquents,

It’s clear I cannot make it through.

So I had to be the stop, ready, go for myself,

Jaded, backlash, hotter back on the shelf,

Now I know what was wrong.

I’ve opened up my eyes to what was wrong.


You see we stand a midst this,

Even when we see this,

Even when we don’t we just act like we missed it,

Stamp on your head see, you labelled you a misfit,

Now you’re so caught in a rut you cannot dismiss,

You’ve been rocking old habits, older than KANI,

Everytime you fight say you’re telling them goodbye,

What’s your favourite colour? Must be white coz you lie.

Representing CROCS on your feet and in your eyes.


I’m looking out of my window,

Global warming, smells like indo,

But there’s something I can see.

I cannot be defeated,

No this vibe can’t be depleted,

There’s a stronger girl in me.


I got strength from my words turning work into play.

Strength from the one bringing night bringing day.

I put it out there said I wanted

Not to be a walkover, Not stunted.

Coz somedays you’d rather be freestyling

On the A104, buckwilding

Instead of busy CBD’ing and topstyling

Whatcha say about that?




They could say this that or the other but one thing I’ve come to discover -It’s up to you

Even if they say all this and declare all that at the end of the day, its how you react- It’s up to you.


Listen to it here :

Up To You

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